Here is a quick guide to what works well in a photo shoot, maybe you have your own look and style, but this is definitely my most asked question.

Things to consider

  • Tone and Colour Palette (no more than 4-6 colours)
  • Patterns & Textures (avoid heavy branding and large prints, its always lovely to edit block colours and different textures, think crunchy linen, cheese cloth or textured knits).
  • Complimentary & Comfortable - ultimately you want you and your family to be happy and comfy charging about outside (as this is where we often are shooting)

For the kids

There are so many shops now that cater for every style of kid, but I have listed a few that I shop from for my own tribe, comfy, easy to wash and no "fiddly" straps, tight cuffs to complain about. Zara, H&M, Other Stories, We Roam Wild and Ando Stores are some of my top shops.

Neutrals really do make for a gallery of raw beauty, you see all your kids characteristics and details because your eye is not wondering to the neon belt or bright red headband. If your like me you want to remember the flowing hair, their little hands and feet, or those blue eyes.

If your worried about this, just send me over some flat lay (lay your clothes on your bed and take a shot from above with your phone) then I can see what we are working with and make suggestions.


These really are magic sessions, how many times will you carry someone else heart for them? Its a real honour to grow and change with your baby organically. And although you may not feel your most photogenic, I am here to preserve that moment and change the way you feel. It is something I am really passionate about, making you feel empowered and beautiful and I promise you won't regret it. It could be images for your walls, or something to put away and look back on in years to come and appreciate that body of yours.

I have some floaty dresses as options, or maybe you have a personal idea to bring to the shoot with you. Bring a large oversized coat to keep warm and covered up, some shoes to get you there and back (we won't be far from your vehicle) I do love a bare foot shot for these.

For the Men and the Dads

Ive seen flat caps, chinos, linen shirts and walking boots...... love them all, generally its been the other halves that sort the wardrobe out... but every now again I meet a dad who owns his own style. Pink chinos and cool trainers! How ever you want to be remembered, but if you are stuck for ideas and dont really want to think about it too much, here's some go to options :-

  • Linen washed in earthy tones ...... Cotsworlds do some lovely ones , as does Next and Zara.
  • Trousers can be the iconic denim look, or how about some chinos in a pastel colour? Brave enough!
  • Chunky knits for winter shoots, you can't beat a kid snuggling into his dads shoulder with a knitted jumper.
  • Cords..... you've won me! I love the texture that corduroy brings out in photographs, and guess what they are really comfy.


You still need to be you, I want to tell your story. Bring your favourite lippy, those shoes you love or a sentimental pair of granny's earrings. Don't all come in matching, keep your style individual and let your clothes be the blank canvas for your personality! Its so tempting to put everything you love on. Jeans, Dm's....... converse and a floaty dress? what do you want to print up on the wall and be remembered for?


If any of the garments above might work for your kids in the shoot (sorry girl heavy at the moment!) there's a small fee of £10 , just message me to have it ready for your bespoke shoot.